Future of Drumheller’s Canada Day Parade

The Drumheller and District Chamber of Commerce (DDCC) made the decision at its November Board of Directors’ meeting that 2019 will be the last year that the organization will coordinate and implement Drumheller’s Canada Day Parade.
Safety for parade participants and spectators has always been of utmost importance. Over the last several years, concerns for safety and liability have grown. While the DDCC has taken numerous steps to minimize liability and enhance safety for all involved, the risks remain. “As a non-profit organization, we have decided we are no longer willing to assume the liability for the Canada Day Parade. The recent death of a child during a Christmas Parade in Nova Scotia has reinforced our decision to step away as parade organizers,” said Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Heather Bitz.
For the 2019 Canada Day Parade, the DDCC will once again continue to focus on safety for participants and spectators. As announced last year, the Chamber will ban distribution of ALL candy and promotional material by parade participants. Volunteers will continue to be stationed along the parade route to assist with parade flow and crowd control. Public safety during the parade is critical and everyone has a role to play. The cooperation of all involved will help to ensure a safe and enjoyable event.
“While we understand the popularity of Canada Day in Drumheller, the DDCC has been putting on the parade for well over 20 years and the consensus from the Board of Directors following our Strategic Planning session was that it was time to pass the torch,” stated Chamber of Commerce President, Brock Harrington.
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For more information, please contact:
Heather Bitz, Executive Director
Drumheller & District Chamber of Commerce
*Update: The 2019 Canada Day Parade is being organized by the Drumheller Parade Committee. Registration and info at: https://drumhellerparade.org/.