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The Fossil Shop
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61 Bridge Street
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We are Drumheller’s original Fossil shop, serving the world’s fascination of the past for over 30 years.
Throughout history we have been on a quest to rediscover the past. To unlock the clues and riddles, and find the key to the way things were and how they changed. Fossils are one of the tools used to answer such questions and inspire the creative intellects which make us who we are.
Beautiful natural treasures, each unique with its own exciting story, and special link to the past. Fossils are great educational tools. An exotic exploration of the past to stir the imagination and fascination of children and adults alike. We have an extensive and rare collection to complement the weekend hobbyist, to the most avid collector and museums.
A wonderful gift and exciting addition to all who share the appreciation of the amazing natural art the past has been able to provide. We invite you to “Come Touch the Past” at The Fossil Shop inc.
Your on-line source for fossils, ammonite fossils & baculites, dinosaur fossils, cave bear fossils, minerals, jewellery, flora & insect fossils, educational kits, toys, home decor, and more…..